Seattle PreK-3rd Partnership

The Seattle PreK-3rd Partnership is poised to revolutionize early education in Seattle.

Launching from the City of Seattle’s investments in the quality and availability of PreK, the district’s ongoing initiatives to improve elementary schools, and the New School Foundation’s PreK-3rd example at South Shore, a group of partners have set an ambitious change agenda. Seattle Public Schools, the City of Seattle and the New School Foundation plan to establish a new PreK-3rd system in all 20 low-income schools in Seattle over the next five years, with many of the changes benefiting all schools in all neighborhoods of the city.

The goals and strategies for the work ahead are captured in the Seattle PreK-3rd Partnership Action Plan.

The plan was crafted to capitalize on our existing assets, and will result in a substantially improved education experience and outcomes for our youngest learners.  Almost 100 stakeholders reviewed and commented on the plan at an early education convening held August 12, 2010 and sponsored by the National League of Cities.  Featured speakers included Bette Hyde, Director of the Washington State Department of Early Learning; Nina Auerbach, Director of Thrive by Five; and Jacqueline Jones, Special Assistant for Early Learning at the U.S. Department of Education.

A detailed implementation plan and financial plan are now under development.  If you would like to be involved with the work of the PreK-3rd Partnership, please contact us.